About Us

For some people, gardening or maintaining a landscape can be easy. For others, it can be challenging. Which is why we offer our services for people who would love to have a wonderful landscape but find it difficult to get started. We don’t only serve these clients but also those who already have a garden or landscaped lawn they themselves built from scratch or had done by a contractor.

At Long Beach Landscaping, we thoroughly examine your landscape, lawn, garden, irrigation system, and other things related to and involved in it by conducting a site consultation. This gives us time to best assess the area and give you our best recommendations.

We understand the importance of conservation of resources and taking into consideration the environment. And we do exactly just these things. All our services are about saving resources such as soil, water, money, and of course, nature itself. Natural occurrences such as drought, heavy rains, and even wildfires can happen especially in South California. Which is why our services are tailored to such issues and more, all the while being sustainable, resourceful, and green.

Some of our services include Native Plant Landscapes, Edible Foodscapes, Drought Tolerant Landscapes, Drip Irrigation and Drainage, Hardscaping, Permeable Patios and Walkways, Rainwater Harvesting Systems, Greywater Recycling and Distribution, Permaculture Consultation and Training, and Composting.

We genuinely pride ourselves on the work that we do. We believe that we are keepers of the earth and it is on our shoulders to take good care of the environment so we and our future children can revel in its beauty. Contact Long Beach, CA landscape design to find out more.