Reasons That Will Convince You Not to Drive and Drink 


If you’re one of those individuals who’s been interested to drive after having some drinks, then read on the following reasons that may convince you to never drink and drive at the same time. 

You become a bad example to the people around you 

Driving under the influence will just expose you and other people on the road in danger. Moreover, it provides a notion, which your family or friends might realize, that it’s fine to drink and drive at the same time. Make sure to be a great example to them and never do it.  

Possibility of causing extreme property damage 

Even if you don’t cause physical harm to another person or yourself, you may still be hitting another object, which could lead to property damage that’s worth thousands of dollars. Causing destruction to the property of another person, hitting a stationary object, or totaling your vehicle isn’t just worth the risk. 

You want to have a clean criminal record 

In the event you’ll be found to be arrested due to driving under the influence, make sue to contact the great DUI lawyers Fort Myers who can defend your innocence because if your case rules out as guilty, this information will definitely be shown on your criminal record. Moreover, this will be seen by your prospective employers and some who need a criminal background check. Combating criminal charges could be expensive and you will only have a severely restricted future opportunity if you’re found guilty of it.  

The risk to be caught up in an accident is high 

Arguably, the major reason why you should not drive and drink is that committing this can greatly increase your danger to be in an accident, and thus, your danger of causing harm to another person or even yourself.  

You might need to pay large fees and fines 

Another reason to refrain from driving under the influence is that dealing with a DUI case could be costly. You won’t just need to pay for the ticket’s cost, but you might also get civil penalties, fines, and court fees. Moreover, you might be urged to pay fines to reinstate your license.  

You may lose your professional and job license 

In several professions, a conviction of DUI is a sufficiently grave crime that might lead to the revocation of a professional license or employment termination. This is even more possible if you have a high-ranked position or if you’re an employee of a state or municipal government. Police officers, public figures, teachers, lawyers, nurses, doctors, and others could all be in danger of losing their license or job when they’re caught driving and drinking. 

Possibility to go to jail 

Nobody wants to be talking about the possibility of being in jail, and for a lot of people, to be detained in a jail cell is a thought that they cannot imagine. However, if you happen to get caught into any forms of destruction while driving or drinking—perhaps you caused property damage or you hit another person with your vehicle—then you will more likely to be in jail for at least 1-2 nights.  As a matter of fact, if your negligence caused someone’s death, you can surely spend several years in prison. 

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